PS4 Neo Price, Release Date Leaked on Amazon

Many details about upcoming gaming console PS4 Neo has gone leaked on Amazon. We already knew the PS4 Neo was coming this year, but had no specific time frame to go on. According to reports, Amazon accidentally revealed the price and release date of the 4K-ready console.

According to reports, it was the Spanish website of Amazon that listed the PS4 Neo, with a release date set for October 13. The site even posted the console’s price at €399.99 or about $440. However, Amazon Spain quickly deleted the details, but not after VG Leaks took a screen grab of it.

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PS4 Neo Price, Release Date Leaked on Amazon
PS4 Neo

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Eager gamers believe that the PS4 Neo listing was not a mistake, but rather it jumped the gun on Sony’s announcement too early. At the moment, the Amazon Spain listing for the PS4 Neo has been edited to reflect a listing of the PSVR. No other details have been provided on the site.

The higher-end PS4 Neo is expected to offer significant advantages over the current PS4, taking things up a notch in the CPU and GPU departments and enabling users to play games in an upscaled 4K resolution. This means that gamers will be able to get ultra-crisp visuals even without a 4K Ultra HD TV. The upgraded PS4 Neo should also deliver some considerable performance improvements over the regular PS4.

Sony has implied that the PS4 Neo isn’t a replacement or an upgrade to the current PS4 model. In fact, it will serve to complement the PS4 in many ways especially since the PS4 Neo will supposedly not carry game exclusives.

Sony is expected to present at the Tokyo Game Show by September and eager gamers should have more details to the PS4 Neo by then.

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