List of Cities Where Sony PlayStation VR Demos Started in US

A virtual reality gaming head-mounted display, developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and manufactured by Sony, going to release on October 13, 2016, but its demo has gone begins already in number of cities in USA. PSVR is set to launch with the price tag of $399, £349 or AU$550. It is designed to be fully functional with the PlayStation 4 home video game console.

According to a new blog post from Sony, the company will be showing off the PlayStation VR with playable demo units at various retail stores over the next two days. This will allow eager gamers to give the PlayStation VR a shot before more pre-orders open up soon.

List of Cities Where Sony PlayStation VR Demos Started in US
Sony PlayStation VR

This is the list of cities, where you can test Sony Playstation VR:

  • Baltimore MD
  • Boston MA
  • Chicago IL
  • Cincinnati OH
  • Cleveland OH
  • Columbia SC
  • Columbus OH
  • Dallas TX
  • Denver CO
  • Detroit MI
  • Fayetteville AR
  • Lauderdale FL
  • Grand Rapids MI
  • Hartford CT
  • Houston TX
  • Los Angeles CA
  • Milwaukee WI
  • Minneapolis MN
  • New York NY
  • San Francisco CA
  • Tampa FL
  • Toledo OH
  • Washington D.C.
  • West Palm Beach FL

“Earlier this week at E3 we announced that PlayStation VR will officially launch in North America on October 13. But we know many of you have been asking – ‘When can I try PlayStation VR out and see some of the great games to come?’ Well, tomorrow and Saturday (June 17 and 18), we’re going to offer PS VR demos at more than 30 Best Buy and Game Stop locations. Starting on June 24, that number will expand to about 300 locations across the US and Canada,” reads Sony’s description.

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