Know How to Get Cashback on Apple’s New Credit Card for iPhone

For several days it was rumored that Apple is about to launch its own credit card. After several months, Apple has finally launched its own credit card, which is being called Apple Card. According to the announcement, it is a Next Generation Credit Card that comes with many new features.

Apple's New Credit Card for iPhone
Apple’s New Credit Card for iPhone

Apple has now partnered with Goldman Sachs, where MasterCard will be placed as Global Payment Network.

According to Apple, the card is made in the Apple Wallet app. This means that users will no longer need to take cards. Users will not have to wait for the Apple card, only one button will be fully processed. That is, users can control their cards only with the help of their smartphones.

Apple also said that it has been completely removed from this card, any such fee, international fee and overcharge fee. The company said that he is going to launch this card this year. However, the information about when the service will be launched is not currently at all. Once users receive a card, they can use it in shopping, stores. For any information related to the card, users can contact the Apple Card 24 * 7 support service.

For Cashback: Let the users know that they will get cashback facility as often as they use the card. If you talk about expense tracking, then Apple will not be able to know what its users have bought.

The physical version of the card is also made from titanium material. Users can use this place that does not support Apple Pay.

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