Facebook apologies for separating Kashmir from India

Facebook apologized Wednesday in a blog post about the mistake of separating Kashmir from India. In its blog post, the social media platform had mentioned Kashmir separately with India and some other countries as well. It was reported in the news that Facebook has violated the integrity of the country by separating Kashmir from India. After this, Facebook has removed the reference to Kashmir from a blog post.

Facebook said in a statement, “We accidentally added Kashmir to our blog post in the list of countries and regions affected by the Iranian network. There was also Kashmir in some of the content shared through this network, but it was listed in the list. We should not have been included. We have fixed this in the blog post and we apologize for any misunderstanding borne by it. ”

Nathaniel Glesher, chief of Facebook’s cyber security policy, who wrote the blog post also tweeted. He said, “It was a mistake … Kashmir was the subject of some posts but it should not have been in the list of affected countries and regions.” We have made improvements, apologies for misunderstanding. ” Glashar had told Kashmir separately from India in his blog post on Tuesday. Facebook has announced that it has removed thousands of fake pages and accounts. Glesher said, “We have removed 513 pages, groups and accounts for the unethical behavior of many networks connected to Iran.”

“They were operating in Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Kashmir, Kazakhstan and throughout the Middle East and North Africa,” he said. Facebook has posted on the pages of news on tension between Indian politics and Indo-Pak Removed accounts too. The blog post said that they (Iran-affiliated network) banned Iran, tensions between India and Pakistan, conflict in Syria and Yemen, terrorism, tension between Israel and Palestine, Islamic religious issues, Indian politics and Venezuela Recent events, including the recent crisis, were posted on the current events.

Facebook said that it has removed 2,632 pages, groups and accounts, along with its platform as well as on Instagram, engaged in the cooperative unified behavior of Iran, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

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