5G Wireless Technology is Set to Launch in India

5G Wireless Technology is the next generation wireless communication technology, which is set to launch in India in late 2018, The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance feels that 5G should be rolled out by 2020 to meet business and consumer demands. In addition to providing simply faster speeds, they predict that 5G networks also will need to meet new use cases.

The ‘Organizational Partners’ have approved the new logo of 5G along with the name, which will become the forthcoming wireless standard. The new 5G logo is derived from the LTE Advanced Pro design, however forgoing the general recurrence of the 4G LTE branding.

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5G Wireless Technology is Set to Launch in India

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There is currently no standard for 5G deployments. The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance defines the following requirements that a 5G standard should fulfill:

  • Data rates of tens of megabits per second for tens of thousands of users
  • Data rates of 100 megabits per second for metropolitan areas
  • 1 Gb per second simultaneously to many workers on the same office floor
  • Several hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections for massive wireless sensor network
  • Spectral efficiency significantly enhanced compared to 4G
  • Coverage improved
  • Signaling efficiency enhanced
  • 1-10 ms latency (limited by speed of light).
  • Latency reduced significantly compared to LTE.

5G wireless technology specifications are still being finalised and it is expected to be ready by late 2018.

The advancement of 5G will begin after the Phase 1 rolls out across the globe, which hopefully includes India in the roadmap. Several telecom companies, chipset manufacturers like Intel, Qualcomm, Nokia and Samsung have already unveiled their devices that will support the upcoming technology.

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