Muzhiwan App Store: Reviews, Features, and Installation Process

Muzhiwan is an app store for android users, which is going to popular day by day because of its features, service, and stuff available on this store. Here on this store, good number of apps, games, and other applications are available, which user can download free. Some sources claimed that this app store could become an alternative for Google Play Store one day, because Muzhiwan app store provides many such apps in free, which are paid or premium on Google Play Store. There are many positive and negative statements are available about Muzhiwan online, so we are here going to share some interesting facts about Muzhiwan, Muzhiwan reviews, and its features.

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Muzhiwan features:

  1. The user interface of Muzhiwan app store so easily to use. User can easily install any app and games from here.
  2. Tons of premium apps and games are free on Muzhiwan, for which, you have to pay on other app stores.
  3. The app is too fast and lighter. It’s APK file size is just 3.6 MB.
  4. This app store is full awesome wallpapers, so if you are wallpapers lover then this is best place for you.
  5. You can also provide reviews about apps as same as on Google Play Store.
  6. Muzhiwan received updates on regular basis, so user’s apps will be updates always.

Best Way to Install Muzhiwan App?

  1. Before install Muzhiwan app store on your android phone, you have to change some settings. You should go in setting, then security, and tick the unknown sources.
  2. For download Muzhiwan app store, just simply search Muzhiwan Apk on Google.
  3. Now, choose any one link, and click on it.
  4. On the next page, you will see a download button, just click.
  5. After download, you will see Install option, Just press and installing will be start.
  6. After installation, just open it, and start to use.

Muzhiwan App Store is Safe or Not?

Muzhiwan app store is completely safe, and we have found no negative comments and statements about this app store.

Some sources claimed that some apps on this app store has malware or adware, but it doesn’t confirmed. Many apps have negative reviews, which is common.

Muzhiwan App Store Reviews:

I will give 7 out 10 to Muzhiwan app store. I want to say to those people, who claimed that Muzhiwan would become alternative of Google Play Store one day. Become an alternative of Play store won’t be an easy task, because there are many other app stores too such as Aptoide and 9apps, which are providing far better services, have more games and apps, and applications for users.

Size of Muzhiwan app store is quite small comparing to Google Play Store, Aptoide App Store, and 9Apps app store.

This app store has small number of apps but have most popular gaming apps such as GTA San Andreas, Mortal Combat, Clash of Clans and Minecraft, Mini Militia etc. that user can download easily.

Hope you like the information here about Muzhiwan app store. Must share your feedback with us, and comment below the post if you have any query and question regarding Muzhiwan.

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