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Team – People Who Are Making It Work!

Founder & Managing Editior:

Vk Verma: Professional Blogger from Amritsar, Punjab, India and Collage Dropout. He is also known as an avid reader, technology enthusiast, explorer, and a broken lover. His passion for knowledge keeps him running all the time.


Vinay Kumar: Vinay is a social geek blogger and tech enthusiast. He loves writing about technology and gadgets. He specializes in the field of Internet Marketing and interested to dig deeper in the world of blogging and social media.

Beenu: Beenu is also a tech enthusiast from Chandigarh, who currently lives in Amritsar. He loves blogging and specializes in the field of Software and Apps.

Alex Winter: Alex works as all-round technology news writer at Tech of Thrones. In free time, he works on Photoshop and plays GTA V on her Xbox.

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