How to Record Great Videos Using a Smartphone Camera?

Initially smartphone cameras weren’t very good and the quality of videos they could record was mediocre at best. However that has changed, and today even mid-range smartphones have the potential to record great videos.

If you want to record impressive-looking videos with your smartphone camera, you need to use the right technique. To be more specific there are a few tips that you should follow:

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How to Record Great Videos Using a Smartphone Camera?

How to Record Great Videos Using a Smartphone Camera

Increase the resolution and the frame rate in the settings

Before you begin recording, go into the settings in the camera app that you’re using and adjust the resolution and frame rate. Try to set the resolution to at least 1080p Full HD, and increase the frame rate so that it is at least 30 – but preferably 45 or 60.

By increasing the resolution and frame rate you’ll improve the definition of your videos and make them look much smoother.

Make sure there is plenty of soft light

The sensor on smartphones cameras is smaller than conventional video cameras, which is why it does not cope well when there is insufficient light. If you’re hoping to record great videos using it, you need to make sure there is plenty of light – and preferably soft light at that.

While you could get by with a room that is brightly lit by natural light coming in through a large window, there are other affordable lighting solutions that you could try. At the end of the day be particularly mindful of how the light affects your subject and the shadows that it casts.

Keep the camera steady

Throughout the recording you need to keep the camera steady and avoid shaking or accidentally moving it too rapidly. That can be tricky, but always gripping the camera with both hands and keeping your elbows close to your side can help.

To make it easier to keep the camera steady, consider using a tripod stand – or some other type of camera holder.

Take steps to improve the audio quality

One other weakness of smartphones is that the built-in microphone isn’t that great, and the quality of the audio that you record with it will be suspect. If you intend to keep the audio (and aren’t going to replace it during post-production), you should try using an external microphone to record better audio instead.

Admittedly you don’t need a professional studio-quality microphone, and a decent mid-range microphone should suffice. Be sure to choose the right type of microphone, with the directionality that you require.

Be sure to practice your technique regularly, and you’ll find that as time goes by you’re able to record better and more impressive videos with nothing more than your smartphone camera.

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