Download and Install Raspberry Pi PIXEL OS For Mac and Windows

Learn here the way to download and install Raspberry Pi PIXEL OS For Mac and Windows, which is an experimental version of its Pixel OS for PC and Macs. Pixel stands for “Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight” and is a desktop operating software that can be used by anyone with a Raspberry Pi.

Raspbian is an operating system that runs on open-source Debian Linux. Upton claims that PIXEL for x86 has been designed to run ‘venerable i386 architecture’, which means even decade-old PCs will be able to run PIXEL smoothly and it will need at least 512MB of RAM.

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Download and Install Raspberry Pi PIXEL OS For Mac and Windows
Install Raspberry Pi PIXEL OS

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How to Install Raspberry Pi PIXEL OS:

To install PIXEL OS on your PC, you need to head to Raspberry Pi’s website, and download the ISO image of PIXEL.

After download, you need to follow the standard process of burning an OS DVD, or making a bootable USB stick (company recommended a bootable USB utility called Etcher).

For Windows, you will essentially need to enable booting from optical drive or USB stick in the BIOS module by either pressing F9 or F12 before the booting starts, and you will also have to ensure that the optical drive or USB stick is prioritized before all other drives in the boot order.

For Mac, you’ll need to hold down C during the boot process and select the USB drive. If you’ve done that correctly, you will be greeted by a boot screen with a Raspberry Pi logo and PIXEL build version – 2016-12-13.

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