Whatsapp Will Stop Support For These Old Devices From February 1

WhatsApp will not work on some older phones. WhatsApp will not work on Android phones with 2.3.7 versions from February 1, 2020. Apart from this, WhatsApp will not run on iOS 8 and below. WhatsApp support on Windows Phone has been discontinued since January 1. WhatsApp will not work in Android Gingerbread phones, while WhatsApp has also stopped in Lumia phones of Windows. WhatsApp has also been removed from the Microsoft Store.

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Before this, WhatsApp has also been discontinued in Symbian phones. It is not that only WhatsApp has ended support from these devices. Many other services have also stopped on these phones. Google ended support on Gingerboard in 2017, while Apple also stopped support from iPhone 4 in 2015. This also means that it is quite easy to hack these phones. There have been many discussions about WhatsApp in the recent past and in such a situation, running an updated version will be more safe for users.

You already know that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and crores of people use this app in India too. Apart from text messages, voice calls and video calls are also available. The reason for its popularity is said to be quite simple and user friendly. It is being told that new features are not supported on the old operating system. WhatsApp is removing as many new features and releasing new updates almost daily, in such a way that the old operating systems are not able to support them.

Important messages deleted by mistake, get back this way

If you know that you have deleted an important message, do not operate your phone as well as do not update it. The first way to get WhatsApp messages again is to uninstall your WhatsApp and install it again. Set up WhatsApp from your old number. In the last, you will get the option to restore backup. Tap on restore here and wait for the message to be restored. Your deleted messages and chat will be returned. 

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