What Is Telegram App And Its Feature

These days the craze of social media has increased among the people. Every companies are bringing new chatting apps to be listed among users. All companies are trying to become popular among users. Companies want that users should use their app more and more. But, WhatsApp has left everyone behind. Now the chatting app is giving a tough competition to WhatsApp in Telegram market.


If you look at the scale of popularity, it is being liked very much among the users. Looking at the figures of September, 91.2 lakh people downloaded the Telegram chatting app on their phones.

Telegram users are increasing

If you look at the data, in December 2018, 28.5 lakh people downloaded it on their mobiles. Month after month this figure kept growing very fast. 54.7 lakhs in March 2019, reached 64.5 lakhs in June 2019.

Talking about active users, 1.8 crore in December 2018, 2.2 in March 2019, 2.5 in June 2019, while in September 2019, this figure has increased to 2.9 crore.

Regarding data theft, the CEO of the app has claimed that if someone hacked and showed it, he would be rewarded. This app also has the facility of End to End Chat Enecryption. Which means that apart from the sender and receiver, no one in between can read the chat.

Can transfer files up to 1.5 GB

Files up to 1.5 GB can be easily shared through this app. It can also be run via PC and tablet. Chat through this app is so safe that this app is also called secret chat.

Like Whatsapp, you can also create a group on this chatting app. Which is known as ‘Channel’. Unlimited members can be added to the channel. Whereas WhatsApp can be added to a maximum of 256 members.

Russian brothers have made this app

This app has been made by two brothers of Russia. Its founders are members Nikolai and Pavel Durov. The app was launched in the year 2013. Pavel raises funds and gives ideas to run this app. While Nikolai sees its technical matter.

Pavel is called Mark Zuckerberg of Russia. The team developing the app currently sits and works in Dubai.

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