Top GPS Fleet-Tracking Apps for Mobile Devices

The use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has become incredibly popular these days. Consequently, most of the current IT solutions rely on mobile apps. The fleet industry is not left behind. There is a plethora of mobile apps to offer different solutions.

Almost all fleet companies make use of GPS tracking solutions. This has been made even easier through the use of mobile apps. They enable information to be accessed easily from mobile locations. If you are in the fleet industry as a manager or an owner, it is important to have an idea of the best apps that you can use. Let’s take a look at these apps because they are the best in 2019.


Although this is software that is more advanced and useful in large fleet companies, its compatibility with mobile devices like tablets and phones has made it even more popular. It has detailed features including real-time location tracking, route mapping, report creation and even enabling drivers to make e-logs. For it to work well, it must be integrated with a couple of other solutions like GPS trackers and internet connectivity.


Android users in fleet management have a reason to smile. With Fleetio, your company will enjoy remote management that covers all areas. Therefore, this can be considered to be an all-round mobile solution for all types of fleet companies, especially the small ones. Managers can make instant reports at any time and print them directly from their mobile phone when needed.


This is one of the simplest fleet management apps you can find out there. However, it is best suited to those companies that deal with deliveries of various products. So, this is the app to use if you have deliveries that are going in different directions. If you want to know more about such solutions, visiting will be very helpful.


The app is best suited to mobile devices that operate on Android. It is compatible with all versions of Android, which means that you do not have to keep upgrading the devices. It will track the work completed by the drivers and delivery team, map routes that they use and also provide a real-time position of all vehicles.

Fleet GPS Tracker

As the name suggests, the app is dedicated to real-time tracking of all vehicles in your fleet. However, it will deliver other reports when it is integrated with other solutions. You can ask your fleet solutions expert to guide you on what is good for your business, and this expert will be glad to help in any way. Once you buy this Android-based app, it has an unlimited license, making it one of the most useful even when your company expands.


There are many excellent fleet solutions apps that are meant to deliver various solutions. Your company can choose one depending on its needs. You too should join the trend if you have not yet done so already.