Prisma App For iOS User: Follow These 10 Steps to Use It

Prisma App is the latest app for iOS users, which gone viral in a very short time. This iOS app is using artificial intelligence to turn your boring iPhone photos into artistic pieces of work. There are number of apps and Photoshop filters that can do the same job for you, but Prisma iOS app take you to the next level, in a super-easy to use interface that you really have to try out.This app is already has plenty of namesakes on the app store, so either follow our link, or be sure to download the app by Prisma Labs, inc. so as to avoid a clone.

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Prisma App For iOS User: Follow These 10 Steps to Use It
Prisma App

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How to Use Prisma App?

Follow these steps credited TechInsider, and you can easily use this iOS app. The app is currently available in 25 countries and is getting around 300,000 downloads across 10 of those markets per day.

1. First of All, Install the app in your phone.

2. When you open the app, you can take a photo in real-time.

3. Once you take the photo, you can choose from one of 33 filters. You can then swipe to the right or left to change the intensity of the filter applied.

4. The app uses deep learning, or an artificial neural network composed of many layers, to transform the photo into a work of art.

5. The app will then pop out an entirely new photo that looks like a work of art!

6. You can take a photo in real-time through the app, but you can also pull one from your library.

7. You can use the Ghots filter to make Buckets look like; he was hunting in a desert instead of a bedroom.

8. Prisma is adding a feature that would allow you to apply artistic filters to gifs.

9. Some filters work better on photos of landscapes than ones of many people. You will get the hang of it after playing around!

10. That’s it.

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