Modi Keynote App is Not Currency Authentication Tool, It was Just a Prank

Modi Keynote App was trending on internet after note ban Modi government, claimed to check whether currency notes are genuine by using the phone’s camera to scan the note. The augmented reality app will show a video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech regarding black money if the note is genuine, but it was just a joke or Prank.

The app was made by Barra Skull Studios, the original augmented reality Modi Keynote app is no longer listed on Google Play. However, several duplicate apps are floating around, aiming to cater to users looking for the much-reported app.

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Modi Keynote App is Not Currency Authentication Tool, It was Just a Prank

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Modi’s announcement regarding the demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes earlier this month created a huge sense of disruption as people lined up in long ATM and bank queues to withdraw, exchange, and deposit money.

Modi Keynote app was launched last week and was pulled over the weekend for reasons that are not yet known; despite developer Barra Skulls Studio adding the words “Prank app” to its name.

The developers of the Modi Keynote are not associated with the government and have clearly mentioned in their Google Play listing that the app is ‘just for fun’. The app makes use of smartphone’s camera, and likely uses basic scanning tools to recognize the differences between real and fake, old and new currency notes – but will miss out on tiny but important details.

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