How to enable Auto Reply to WhatsApp for Android

Hi, guys so today I’m going to tell you about how to enable auto-reply to WhatsApp for Android. So in a meeting, driving, in a college/school, in a library; it is almost an endless list when you consider these places which are not very convenient for taking a phone call or replying to texts.

The thing you don’t want to be rude with the people who are likely to send messages. Particularly the people who always wanted to be the best for you and expect an instant reply from you. Then there are more situations, where you simply left your phone at home and can’t respond.

So, there were so many apps out there that could automatically respond to calls or messages. Even, you can get these Features in WhatsApp Mods like Popular One GB Whatsapp. If you don’t want to use this kinda mods, then go with the below mentioned one.

And it would be even better if it could do so not for SMS but also messages on WhatsApp. So the app called Can’t Talk help you in that case.

Or else you can follow this tutorial if you like using Official WhatsApp.

Steps to Enable Auto Reply with Can’t Talk

The app is quite simple to use once you have it installed, which you can download from the Google Play Store. If you open the app, then you will get the welcome page with some additional information like the features.

  • So, you have to tap on the toggle in the top right corner to enable “can’t talk”.
  • After that you can change the message that will be automatically sent by taping message box below; that you will find options to enable the auto-replies for SMS, calls, other apps and WhatsApp.
  • Tapping on the toggle simply enables the service. Tapping on the actual card lets you select for which contacts or WhatsApp or other apps you want to enable auto-reply.

For the first card in the app, the screen should be labelled auto-reply to send; this is the automatic message that will be sent by default. So, just tap on the card and edit the message with the text you want it to convey and then press the save button.

The app will reply to a message or a text from the same person once every 15 minutes. This means if your mom is calling you over and over she will get one reply after you miss her first call. And the next ought to reply 15 minutes late if she’s still calling you.

You can change this frequency by going to the apps advanced settings here you can decrease the frequency to 30 minutes, one, two, four and eight hours.

Even, this app can enable auto-reply messages on WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, Hangouts, etc. Enjoy the app.

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