Aptoide App Store: Features, Installation Process, and Safety

Aptoide is a mobile application store based on Android operating system as same as Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. It’s name Aptoide formed from words “Apt” and “Oide”, which means “the Debian package manager” and “the last syllable of “Android” respectively. This app store is available in more than 40 different languages across the world. According to some users, Aptoide is now one of the biggest competitor for Google Play Store and best alternative of Google Play Store. So, we are sharing some interesting facts and features about Aptoide, Aptoide Reviews, and some comparison with Google Play Store. Read these facts and features, and decide yourself that Aptoide is actually an alternative and competitor for Google Play Store, or not.

Aptoide Features:

  1. Aptoide’s best feature is according to me, user can download any app with different versions, or previous version.
  2. User can easily share Aptoide apps, and doesn’t need any third party app for sharing with friends.
  3. In the Google Play Store, user cannot download any app without gmail. But in Aptoide, user doesn’t need any email for download applications, and games.
  4. Users can easily update and downgrade their apps. Suppose, a new update has appeared for your favorite game and you have updated. But, this new update doesn’t suits you, in this situation, you can easily downgrade the application.
  5. Interface of Aptoide is quite easy, and user friendly. For download any application, user just need to tap on the app to download.
  6. Aptoide has a partnership program too, where users can set up and manager their own retails android store with partners.
  7. If you are an app developer, you can easily upload your app from your dropbox folder.
  8. For developers, Aptoide also has publisher program, which allows the developers to publish and monetize their apps.

How to Download Aptoide?

We are here sharing some links via you can easily download Aptoide app store in your android smartphone and tablet.

Follow one of these links, according to your device, and just click on Download, that’s it.

Is Aptoide Safe for Use or Not?

Now, you know the features of Aptoide, and how to download. But the biggest concern is still remaining, Is Aptoide is safe for use?

You must read these points, and these points definitely clear doubts regarding safety and security.

  • Aptoide has three layered protection system to detect malware and virus. The company runs three different anti-virus in emulators in run time.
  • Aptoide has an in-house signature system to detect threats and malware, and the company has implemented a chain of trust based in the signature of the developer.
  • Aptoide used a Trusted Stamp badge for applications, means, which applications has this green colored Trusted Stamp, those apps are 99.99% secure. I will also recommend you download only those apps and games, which have this green trusted badge.
  • They are currently working with many universities and research centers for security improvement and making more secure to user. The company also proposed an European research project with 2 anti-virus companies and 3 research centers.

Aptoide Vs Google Play Store:

A small comparison between Aptoide and Google Play Store.

Popularity: There is no doubt in the matter of popularity, Aptoide stands nowhere ahead of Google Play Store. According to a survey, only a few people known about Aptoide app store.

Users: Aptoide has nearly 100 million users in all over the world; according to a reports, but Google Play Store have users in Billions.

Security: Both the app stores are completely secure. They never compromise with their security features. But Aptoide hosts many free apps, in which, some of them are cracked apps from other app stores.

Varity of Apps: In this matter, both the app stores have advantages. On Google Play Store, number of apps are available in variety, but Aptoide has some apps, which are not available on Google Play Store.

Aptoide Reviews:

Aptoide is over all a very good place for downloading apps, who are not using Google Play Store. I am giving to 9 out 10 to Aptoide. Reasons behind not giving 10 out of 10 are:

  • Not all apps in the Aptoide app store are secure.
  • Have many cracked apps of paid apps from other app stores.
  • Some users complaining about slow downloading of apps.


  • Aptoide uses Trusted Stamps for users.
  • It allows to downgrade.
  • User can create private store.
  • Aptoide has partnership program.
  • Aptoide has publishing program.
  • It offer open source version for developers.
  • It is available in 40 Langs.
  • Aptoide has malware free ecosystem.
  • Has a very user-friendly interface.

About Aptoide:

Paulo Trezen founded Aptoide app store in 2009, and now has over 700K android apps. Today, many version of Aptoide apps are available such as Aptoide App for smartphones and tablets, Aptoide TV for smart TVs and STBs, Aptoide VR and Aptoide Kids.

In 2017, Aptoide announced they are working with Appcoin, which is a cryptocurrency for apps.

Hope you like the information here about Aptoide app store. Must share your feedback with us, and comment below the post if you have any query and question regarding Aptoide.

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