25pp Jailbreaking: Best Alternative for Apple App store

25pp Jailbreaking is a Chinese App Store for iOS users, and best alternative for Apple App store. You can find several iOS apps, games, themes, paid apps on 25PP. 25PP or PP Jailbreaking developed by Chinese iOS hacking community, which known as PP Assistant, and M949mm. PP Jailbreaking application give the power to user to remove the restrictions by company, and install any type of third party app of their iOS device.

25PP is a popular Chinese App store for iOS users, and this app store is the best alternative for Apple App store. Users can find several iOS apps, games, themes, paid apps on this app store, and can download these items completely free. Users can easily download 25PP app store on their iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPad, and can enjoy the stuff provide by 25PP. After install this app store, users don’t need to pay on iTunes or Apple App store. This app has other names too such as PP, PP25 App, PP25 Jailbreak, and PP Jailbreaking. Here we are going to share some important facts, 25PP reviews, features and many more information.

25PP Features:

  1. 25PP helps the users to remove the restrictions on iOS device by Apple, so user can install any type of third party app from 25PP app store.
  2. User interface of the 25pp is quite simple, and very easy to use.
  3. On this app store, thousands of the apps, games, themes, and many other applications are available for iOS users in free. Even there are many such applications are available in free, which are paid on Apple App Store.
  4. 25PP has premium-tweaked applications, which is not available on other app store.
  5. In other app stores, you can’t share the paid apps. But if you have 25PP app store in your iOS device, then you can share the paid app too with your friends and family members.

25PP is Safe or Not?

Of course, 25pp has awesome features and stuff, but, is it safe to download any app, games, theme or any other application from 25PP app store. Because security is a biggest concern, so we can’t ignore this.

According to me, it is completely safe but some sources claimed that 25PP has some side effects too. Some users claimed that this is a pirated store, and here are number of such apps, which can steal your personal data such as contact details, username, passwords, and files from your device.

How to install 25PP in iPhone and iPad?

  1. Open Safari, and enter the URL: http://z.25pp.com/.
  2. After open the page, you will see a page full with Chinese language. But if you don’t know Chinese, just simply click on green colored button, which is a download or install button.
  3. After download, you will see their Install, just click on button.
  4. After installation, 25pp icon appeared on the springboard, but it is just first phase, you cannot use this app right now. You have to change some settings first. So, Go to Setting, then General, and then Device Management, and Check the option there, Beijing Huifeng Xingye Technology Co. Ltd. as a trusted developer.
  5. After change these settings, just click on 25pp icon on springboard. Then click on Blue button, and then Install.
  6. After completing the installation process, you will see two icon, and you have to click on second icon, and 25pp will be launched and then click wide green button. And again you have to install.
  7. After the third installation, third 25pp icon will appeared on springboard, just click on it and start to use 25pp app store. Now, you can easily install apps, games, themes, and other applications from 25PP.

How to Install 25PP on Mac?

Don’t waste your time guys, 25pp is not available for Mac devices.

How to install on Windows Laptop or PC?

Installing the 25PP on windows pc and laptop is very easily. Follow the steps:

  1. Just go to homepage of 25pp: 25pp.com.
  2. A page will be open in Chinese, which have to translate first.
  3. Then, you have to find there install or download button, and click on that.
  4. A file will be download, and then follow the common installation process.
  5. After completing the process, you can use 25pp on your system.

25PP Reviews:

25pp is definitely an awesome app store, especially for iOS users, because this app store allow them to install paid apps and games for free.

The installation process of this app store is quite complex, difficult, and time consuming.

Its user interface is friendly, but the language is not. Because when you try to install this app store, you will see Chinese language on main site.

25pp app store is definitely an alternative for Apple App store, because this app store has all unique and paid apps, which a user want.

I will give 8 out of 10 to this app store.

Hope you like the information here about 25PP app store. Must share your feedback with us, and comment below the post if you have any query and question regarding 25pp.

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